Licenses, Permits and Contracts

Certain laws and regulations in Thailand require a specific licence or permit to be in place before you are able to continue with the transaction or action. 

Assisting clients over the years, the PKF Thailand Legal Team is very familiar with the numerous licences and permits that have to be obtained in order for some business operations and transactions to take place in Thailand. Similarly they are expert at reviewing contracts to ensure they are sensitively and appropriately worded. 

A few of the more common licenses that we deal with are listed below:
  • Construction permits;
  • Digital asset licenses;
  • Factory licenses;
  • Foreign business licenses (and certificates);
  • Licenses required under the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act (IEAT);
  • Licenses required under the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI);
  • Telecommunication licenses; and,
  • Trademark registrations;

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