Doing Business in Thailand Incentives (Board of Investment)

In addition to a range of specific Covid-19 measures to assist businesses through the pandemic period, the Government of Thailand has also introduced numerous incentives to attract new business and boost the economy, most of which provide years of tax-free profits.

Whether Thailand is seen as a very favourable place to position a holding company or a finance centre or for a multi-national enterprise to take advantage of Thai Board of Investment (BOI) incentives within its global supply chain – Thailand has a lot to offer. It presents investors and businesses with a golden opportunity to relocate or rebalance their global operations.

PKF Thailand has a specialist team which keeps abreast of all the incentives offered to businesses and can assist you with obtaining the right incentives for your new or expanding operations.

Our services include:
  • A ‘tailored approach’ (Study Report):
    • Identifying all the incentives that are available for your business

    • Applying the rules of those incentives specifically to your business operations to eliminate any overlaps in incentive privileges or non-applicable incentives;

  • Assistance and guidance with the ‘form filling’ and incentive application process; 

  • Assistance and guidance with maintaining the incentive privileges once awarded by remaining compliant with any rules;
  • Advice on the commencement of operations and effective use of the incentives; and,
  • Assistance and guidance with the cancellation of an incentivised (promoted) project or business.

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