TFAC revised the language used in financial report.

The revised 2566 financial reporting standard was published in the Royal Gazette in August of that year. Effective for accounting periods starting on or after January 1, 2567, this is an upgraded version of the international financial reporting standard for 2566 (Bound volume 2023 Consolidated without early application). The goal of the change is to […]

Are you keeping pace with new and increasing Cyber Security threats in 2023? 

As technologies advance, artificial intelligence develops,        and algorithms become more complex it is not surprising that there is doubt from security executives that although legacy antivirus tools are still in widespread use as the main solution against computer virus attacks, whether they will hold up in the modern world and be able to deal with […]

Effective Time Management

Tick tock, tick tock …how fast the seconds, minutes, and hours race by. A distraction, a sudden phone call, a new more interesting email to deal with… these can all disrupt our work and before we know it, another few hours have been lost. Where does the time go!!! With only a fixed number of […]

Making More of Your Data

In today’s connected World, as companies, industries and countries recover from the rigours of Coronavirus, those that emerge fastest and strongest are likely to be data driven. Thoughtful use of data and analytics can help companies execute changes quickly and effectively in the market. PKF is able and ready to help clients address a range […]

Visa & Work Permit Services

Applying for visas and work permits are a highly complex, time consuming necessity for any international business operating in Thailand.  Trying to cut corners to safe time or money can result in very costly and inconveniencing mistakes being made.  PKF have a highly skilled and experienced team of visa and work permit specialists that cut […]

PKF People

HR and Outsourced Payroll Increasingly, businesses are outsourcing their human resource and payroll administration functions. Organisations choose outsourcing as it removes the responsibility of running payroll in house and allows valuable resources to be directed at more productive and profitable tasks. PKF Thailand provides a comprehensive and professional payroll service. Our payroll professionals understand the […]