Making More of Your Data

In today’s connected World, as companies, industries and countries recover from the rigours of Coronavirus, those that emerge fastest and strongest are likely to be data driven. Thoughtful use of data and analytics can help companies execute changes quickly and effectively in the market.

PKF is able and ready to help clients address a range of business challenges related to sales performance, database management, and operational processes.

Data Visualisation
Visualisation of data through interactive dashboards is a great way to bring financials and other operational metrics to life, allowing users to quickly scroll through key KPI’s. Dashboard graphics can help senior management easily monitor performance versus budget, growth rate versus a year ago, and other important measures. Drill-down features also allow users to probe the information at a deeper level.

Data Connections
Connecting different data sets from across the company can help highlight business process improvement opportunities. For example, analysis of staff and time management may allow for potential redeployment of resources, improved efficiencies and greater cost control.

Market Landscape
A broader outlook of the market, perhaps with the help of market
research, can provide invaluable cues for your marketing plans. Decisions on
the pricing and promotion architecture of your brands can be considered against
a competitive set. Or a more diagnostic approach can be taken to understand the cause-
and-effect relationship between marketing variables – why something has happened, or what will be the impact of a certain course of action
on sales.

Forward Looking
Market trends and patterns can be identified, helping to develop forward looking scenarios. In turn, these predictive and prescriptive analytics can lead to more informed decision making, giving a greater assurance that your company’s course of action is the right one.

Our PKF analytics team are at your service. Data provides the building blocks upon which we help frame your business needs, answer business improvement questions and provide market understanding.

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Making More of Your Data

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