Effective Time Management

Tick tock, tick tock …how fast the seconds, minutes, and hours race by. A distraction, a sudden phone call, a new more interesting email to deal with… these can all disrupt our work and before we know it, another few hours have been lost. Where does the time go!!!

With only a fixed number of hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a year it is now more important than ever to stay productive and efficient by managing our time better (and with some skills you can apply from our time management course, this can be achieved).

There are many techniques which can be employed to manage time more effectively and these include:

  • Project Prioritisation

It’s far too common for people to get sucked into everyday issues and challenges that all seem so urgent at the time and can each take hours to deal with. Ways to deal with this in the past have involved stepping back, taking an overview, and planning when we should do such task and not being so reactive.

But sometimes more than this is required, i.e., to look at broader goals – the year ahead, the next quarter, and then examine what we need to achieve each month, week, and day. This can start to lay a foundation to ensure we meet all timelines, milestones, and deadlines together with other techniques.

  • Energy Rhythm

Science teaches us a good deal about how and when to manage our important tasks and recognises that during every day our energy levels swing from high to low, before recovering again. Recognising our own particular rhythm influences at what time of day we should work on different types of tasks. Our time management course will enable you to better plan your tasks to align them with the rhythm of your daily energy and show you the times when your tasks can be most effectively completed.

  • Management of meetings, emails

Studies consistently show that a large number of hours are wasted each day with the way emails are dealt with, attending badly run, time-consuming meetings, and not effectively dealing with administration tasks. On average, over 50% of your working week might easily be absorbed by these activities, and yet up to one-half of that time could be unproductive. Imagine if these tasks were undertaken more efficiently through better planning and time management techniques, and how much more productive you could become

Applying these techniques and realising efficiencies across your staff for just a year, you will see notable results in productivity, cost savings and improvement of staff morale and happiness.

The way we organise and deal with certain tasks can have a huge impact on the time we spend doing them – our time management course can teach you more productive ways of handling such activities to provide better performance and more effective results.

How can we improve?

PKF offers a variety of training courses and workshops that can help improve your company’s performance:

  1. Effective time management:

At the heart of many workday tasks, from project management and prioritisation to efficient processes and clarity of communication.

  1. Data analytics and visualisation

Helping to bring financial information and key business performance measurements to life providing a greater understanding of how a business is operating.

  1. Presentation skills

To assist with the presentation of your Company and its services i.e., the telling of business stories, marketing pitches, and the sharing of key messages.


Our PKF analytics team are at your service. If you would like to benefit from one of our training programmes, please reach out and contact us.

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