Forensic Accounting

Building a profitable and sustainable business is not easy.  Ask any business owner whether they enjoyed the journey to success and it is not uncommon for the answer to be a resounding “no”.  This being said the fruits of labour can be very rewarding in many ways not just financially.  Imagine therefore suspecting some form […]

Data Analytics & Research

In today’s connected world data and  analytics can play a vital role in helping companies grow. No matter the industry incremental gains in revenues and cost management can be the difference between good and great business performance. PKF Analytics Team has professionals who can provide market understanding and business intelligence advice to valuable clients. We […]


PKF in Thailand is SEC accredited to audit listed companies in Thailand. As a leading audit firm in Thailand, we work with a diverse range of clients ranging from SMEs and single owner businesses to government organizations and MNCs. As the auditor of choice for many leading technology companies, we use cloud-based to give maximum […]

Corporate Finance

PKF Thailand plays an important role in helping clients to secure finance from all available sources. With expertise helping firms of all sizes and from all industries, PKF helps companies to prepare effective pitches and to get to meet potential providers of capital. With our long-established connections to private equity firms and our reputation for […]

Business Turnaround

No business is immune from getting into financial difficulty.  There are many external factors that can affect a company’s performance whether it be political, economical or environmental.  No matter the reason for the negative impact the key to pulling out of a downward spiral is to act as quickly as possible.  Burying heads in sand […]

Tax Compliance

PKF can handle all your tax matters in Thailand. From business tax reporting and filing to preparation of personal income tax returns, our highly skilled CPAs will ensure they are filed correctly and on time. We will confirm that you benefit from any deductions and allowances available to you and your company to keep your […]

Business Solutions Consultants in Thailand

PKF Thailand’s Business Solutions consultants provide customised services, based on immediate and long-term needs of each client. Our wide range of business solutions consulting include support for all of your business needs – including outsourcing for day-to-day operations, assistance with important structural changes, and much more. We carefully tailor our services to fit the needs, and […]