Thai Tax and Visa Policies: Implications for Foreign Residents

Paw 161/2566 and Royal Decree 743 (RD 743) have sparked conversations among foreigners aspiring for long-term stay in Thailand due to their implications on tax and visa policies. 

Paw 161/2566 stipulates that offshore income remitted to Thailand by Thai residents is subject to personal income tax, which has raised concerns among foreign nationals. 

The RD 743 has a provision that give tax benefit to foreigners who is are Thai resident via a Long Tern Resident visa (“LTR”). Particularly, Section 5 offers tax exemptions on offshore income (encompassing employment, business, and property income from abroad) received in a previous year and subsequently brought into Thailand, without a time limit on income derivation. 

These exemptions apply to the categories of: 

  • Very wealthy individuals;
  • Wealthy global citizens; and
  • Professionals working from Thailand,

holding Long Term Resident visa’s. 

In conclusion, while the 161/2566 directive introduces tax implications on remitted offshore income, RD 743 provides a silver lining by offering tax exemptions to specific categories of foreign Thai residents, albeit not universally to all. 

This version aims to deliver the main points in a more straightforward manner. If you have any specific details or nuances, you’d like to ensure are captured, please feel free to contact us. 

While specific guidelines have not yet been provided, it is anticipated that these alterations will have substantial implications for a wide range of individuals.  

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