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PKF can handle all your tax matters in Thailand. From business tax reporting and filing to preparation of personal income tax returns, our highly skilled CPAs will ensure they are filed correctly and on time. We will confirm that you benefit from any deductions and allowances available to you and your company to keep your tax liabilities as low as possible.


Taxation in Thailand can be complicated, but we are experienced with the Thai Revenue Department. Particularly regarding businesses, there are a number of filings required throughout the year, including:

  • VAT: your PP 30s and PP 36s should reflect correct input and output VAT.

Withholding tax: properly filing PND 1, PND 2, and PND 53 forms every month

  • Social security payments: set up your obligatory contributions properly
  • Workman compensation payments: ensure employees are eligible for government assistance.
  • Interim corporate income tax statements: avoid penalties from underestimating on your PND 51.
  • Annual corporate income tax statements: filing a PND 50

Don’t spend your valuable time worrying about VAT, withholding, and the other tax statements and filings required by Thai Law. Our highly qualified Thai CPAs can navigate the Thai Revenue Department’s rules and regulations while we explain the process to you in clear English. We can work with your staff or handle the filings for you, so you can focus on your business.

List of services:
  • VAT Returns – PP30, PP36
  • Employee Tax Deductions – PND1
  • Withholding tax deductions – PND3, PND53, PND54
  • Half Year Estimated Corporate Tax Return – PND51
  • Annual Corporate Tax Return – PND50

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