Legal Updates: Extending the Enforcement Period for Another 3 Years to Modify the Non-Qualifying Building for Hotel Business

On 6 August 2021, the Ministerial Regulations Prescribing Qualifications of Other Types of Building Used in Hotel Business Operation (No.3) B.E. 2564 (2021), issued by the Ministry of Interior, was announced in the Royal Thai Government Gazette in order to extend the period for the buildings which does not meet the requirement for obtaining a Hotel License but provides accommodation service on a short-term basis, which basically deemed […]

Compensation Schemes for Social Security Assistance

The cabinet of ministers has approved the compensation scheme for the secured employer and employee according to Section 33 on July 20, 2021. The Social Security Office (“SSO”) has been allocated this compensation as part of the Royal Decree that authorizes the Ministry of Finance to lend capital to solve a problem, alleviate, and regenerate the economy and society that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.   This compensation will be given to employers and employees affected by the […]

Not all audits have to be long and painful

The general perception with annual audits throughout the world is they are a necessary evil. Companies are required to have an audit, but they find the whole process a lot of effort and cost for very little benefit. PKF Thailand auditors are different. They traditionally have provided their client’s additional level of service. The PKF […]

Legal Updates: Another One-Year Postponement of PDPA

Legal Updates: Another One-Year Postponement of PDPA June 8, 2021 Despite the postponement of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) (“PDPA”) last year, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society still foresees difficulty fully enforcing PDPA in 2021 due to technical obstacles in the course of PDPA implementation and the current situation of […]

Legal Updates: A Way Out for the Real Estate, Industry?

11 May 2021 The government is looking to amend the current real estate law to pave the way for more foreign investment in Thailand in order to stimulate the economy during the pandemic. This legal amendment promises more freedom for foreign acquisition of condominiums, houses, and lands in Thailand. The public reaction to this news […]

DBD’s Recent Announcement to Address AGM

April 30, 2021 Organizing a meeting in public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult thing to do and it has become near-impossible with the recent third-wave outbreak. Through its official announcement as dated 26 April 2021 (“DBD Announcement”), the Department of Business Development (DBD) responded to this change of event by allowing postponement […]

Legal Updates: Drafted Act on Electronic Performance of Administrative Functions

Legal Updates: Drafted Act on Electronic Performance of Administrative Functions While we are living in the digital age where technology plays a very big role in our daily life for a long time the process of dealing with the government is known to be slow and full of unnecessary procedures. Adapting to this change, the […]

AGM 2021

A limited company must hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 4 months of the fiscal year end.  The main purpose of AGM is to consider and approve the audited financial statements and other matters as required by law. For a company with fiscal year end 31 December 2020, the last date that the company […]