Welcomed changes to Company Law – Mergers without new Company creation or liquidation

On 1 January 1925, the Civil and Commercial Code (‘CCC’) of Thailand became effective and introduced various rules and procedures concerning for the legal affairs and rights of natural and legal ‘persons’ covering areas such as family law, inheritance law, contract law, property law, corporate law, commercial law and more. With respect to companies, the […]

Cyber Threats 2023

Common attackers rather than crime organization Cyberattacks are carried out by hackers who belong to local groups or operate independently. Most of the hackers operating in North America and Europe are young, with the majority having no financial motive for their actions. Ransomware targets move to Europe Ransomware remains a serious threat to businesses worldwide, […]

Are you keeping pace with new and increasing Cyber Security threats in 2023? 

As technologies advance, artificial intelligence develops,        and algorithms become more complex it is not surprising that there is doubt from security executives that although legacy antivirus tools are still in widespread use as the main solution against computer virus attacks, whether they will hold up in the modern world and be able to deal with […]

PEGASUS: Cyber Warfare

‘T’was the night before Songkran, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except …” the Pegasus spyware working quietly and invisibly in the background on your devices and copying all your personal information and data to a computer server in some foreign country… while your sleep soundly in your bed, completely unaware […]

Know your cookies | Know your privacy

It has only been a month since the introduction of the PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) in Thailand and already we are seeing many companies immediately adapting to the new requirements with a ‘click here’ or ‘accept’ button appearing on their website. By clicking on such a button, the user is usually being asked to […]

Internet services now subject to VAT in Thailand

The domestic tax legislation of most countries has been written from the standpoint that a business requires to be in the country and have a base from which to operate from in order to serve its customers. Such legislation never imagined that any company could be located in another country and sell to mass customers […]

Update on Country-by-Country Reporting Submission Deadline Extension and Channels

According to the Notification of the Director-General of the Thai Revenue Department (TRD) regarding Corporate Income Tax no. 408 dated 30 Sep 2021, Thai taxpayers who are a part of Multinational Enterprise (MNE) groups with total consolidated revenue of at least THB 28 billion are obliged to submit the Country-by-Country Report (CbCR) to the TRD […]

In step with BEPS transfer pricing rules

Thailand is currently going through a period of rapid improvement and development which is creating opportunities and benefits for foreign businesses. Improvements are being made in many areas, including changes to its tax laws to implement certain international tax standards. Notably, Thailand has adopted the OECD’s Inclusive Framework on ‘Base Erosion and Profit Shifting’ (BEPS) […]

The perfect location

Thailand’s economy and markets are rapidly developing, not least because it is geographically placed in the centre of Asia where more than half of the world’s population reside. This makes Thailand a perfect location from which to operate a global finance centre or position a holding company or park the global headquarters. This realisation has […]