Interview with Ms. Tharita Jumroonwat who joined the secondment program at PKF Sydney.

We would like to start by thanking for you making the time to speak with us. Before we have the interview, we’d like to hear a little bit about you.

Could you please introduce yourself?

I am Tharita Jumroonwat, an associate director in audit team B

How long do you join PKF?

Approximately 4 years

Let’s begin by talking about your secondment program, shall we?

My unforgettable secondment program at PKF Sydney was unexpectedly made possible by the open-minded, supportive audit partners and directors from both PKF Sydney and PKF Thailand.

What do you gain from this program?

My perspective toward work and life has changed due to the experiences gained during my time working at PKF Sydney. I learned how auditing can be more effective and smarter by a great support from audit-support team such as audit administrators, data analytic and technical audit team. Technology also plays a vital role in collecting audit documents and in connecting between audit team, audit-support team and clients. With all these factors considered, we can have a better and healthier work-life balance with the quality of work also improved.

As we know, Australian is the multi cultural country . Do you think is it irrelevant with you?

Working in Sydney has shown me that nationality is irrelevant. All of my colleagues at PKF Sydney are from around the world, but we can work together very well. The multicultural environment makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed than I would normally be. I love the way they respect each other no matter where in the world they come from.

How about the management style? is it difference between Asian style and Australian style?

At PKF Sydney, management puts a great deal of emphasis on employee well-being. Management hosts social events every last Friday of the month where all audit staff can have free food and drinks together. I had a chance to join such an event once while I was there, and it was really fun. The event gave me a chance to meet other audit staff who I had never worked with before; we are good friends until today.

Working at PKF Sydney seems to be less stressful than we originally thought.

Yes, of course. A secondment program is exactly like work and travel. I had time every weekend to travel around the city and visit lots of tourist destinations, including the Opera House and Bondi Beach. Also, thanks to good friends from Brazil who invited me on a drive through beautiful countryside to Jervis Bay, where we enjoyed the laidback atmosphere of that area. That place will always hold a special place in my heart.

Do you have any suggestions for other people who are considering doing a secondment program?

For anyone who is interested in the secondment program, do not hesitate and go for it. You will get incredible experiences that enhance you in any aspect of life that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Before we end this interview, do you have something to say?

I would like to thank you all—my partners and directors, as well as the Thai audit team—for taking a chance on me, and believing in what I could do. Thanks to the Thai team for taking good care of my work while I was not in Thailand. I’m forever grateful.