Personal Data Protection Regulation and Compliance services

The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (PDPA) is Thailand’s new data privacy law which became effective on 1 June 2022.    There is an obligation for business operators to follow the rules of the PDPA and ensure, where relevant, they are compliant and have the necessary procedures and safeguards in place for the correct […]

Document Certification and Legalisation

PKF Thailand’s aim is to provide you with a quality service at a reasonable cost and to make what may be an unfamiliar process as easy and straight forward as possible. We are a flexible and modern firm whose whole ethos is based around our clients.  We work hard to ensure that not only are […]

Debt Collection, Dispute Resolution and Litigation

In the modern world, disputes are one of the biggest obstacles that a business faces and you should never underestimate the amount of time and resources that complex and lengthy legal procedures will eat up and consume, not least the financial cost.  The PKF Legal Team is well versed in negotiating the law and procedures […]

International Trade Transactions and Agreements

Businesses now deal in global markets with a level of international trade that has never been seen or experienced before. Consequently, actions taken by overseas Governments increasingly affect companies in Thailand involved in the global trade of goods and services, whether it’s the negotiation of bilateral, multilateral, or regional trade agreements, or a revision of […]

Licenses, Permits and Contracts

Certain laws and regulations in Thailand require a specific licence or permit to be in place before you are able to continue with the transaction or action.  Assisting clients over the years, the PKF Thailand Legal Team is very familiar with the numerous licences and permits that have to be obtained in order for some […]

Doing Business in Thailand Incentives (Board of Investment)

In addition to a range of specific Covid-19 measures to assist businesses through the pandemic period, the Government of Thailand has also introduced numerous incentives to attract new business and boost the economy, most of which provide years of tax-free profits. Whether Thailand is seen as a very favourable place to position a holding company […]

Legal Due Diligence

The importance of legal due diligence in any merger or acquisition transaction should never be underestimated. It is critical that underlying ownership, any third-party rights, and any terms and conditions relating to relevant assets and liabilities are checked, known and confirmed legally – not least for reassurance that what you think you are buying or […]

Company Restructuring, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and can be complicated with timely steps that are required to be followed in order to ensure that delays, liabilities and problems do not arise and the desired result is achieved.   The PKF Legal Team has qualified lawyers who are highly experienced in providing legal support in this specialised area. […]

Company Incorporation and Company Secretary services

Keeping up-to-date with corporate governance and regulatory compliance has never been so challenging. In addition, all company administrative changes must be notified to the appropriate authorities on time and in the correct format. The PKF Legal Team provides a full complement of legal services under the umbrella of ‘company incorporation and company secretary services’ which […]