Microsoft Thailand Collaborates with NCSC to Strengthen Cybersecurity in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – May 28, 2024 – Microsoft Thailand today announced a collaboration with the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSC) to join the Government Security Program (GSP) to exchange cybersecurity information, knowledge, and insights in a transparent manner, aiming to strengthen cybersecurity in Thailand. The Government Security Program (GSP) is a global initiative where Microsoft […]

Are you keeping pace with new and increasing Cyber Security threats in 2023? 

As technologies advance, artificial intelligence develops,        and algorithms become more complex it is not surprising that there is doubt from security executives that although legacy antivirus tools are still in widespread use as the main solution against computer virus attacks, whether they will hold up in the modern world and be able to deal with […]


PKF in Thailand is SEC accredited to audit listed companies in Thailand. As a leading audit firm in Thailand, we work with a diverse range of clients ranging from SMEs and single owner businesses to government organizations and MNCs. As the auditor of choice for many leading technology companies, we use cloud-based to give maximum […]