Free workshop – Check the vital signs of your business

Date: 21 April 2020, Tuesday

Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Location: PKF Thailand, Bangkok Headquarters

Yes it is that time again for most of us! It does not seem like a whole year since we were busy with this. It is now time for the majority of us to prepare our Company Annual Accounts and Annual Tax Returns for 2019. 

There are a few tips, tricks and techniques to bear in mind to ensure that you are well prepared, your tax expenses are managed effectively and you are fully compliant for the Thai authorities. We would like to invite you to a free workshop at our offices in Bangkok to share some of those tips, and our experts will be on hand – in English or Thai – to answer any of your questions as you prepare to submit your accounts in Thailand.

Our free workshop will cover:

  • What needs to be submitted and when
  • Handy checklist to ensure you are compliant
  • Accounts that need reconciliation to your Annual Income Tax Return
  • Handy tips for completion
  • Any of your questions in English or Thai

To register, simply email

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