Free online workshop – Improve profitability and gain insights with WorkflowMax. All-in-one project management software

Dates: 14th and 16th July 2020, (Tuesday and Thursday respectively)

Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Location: Zoom Meeting

WorkflowMax has a seamless integration with Xero. Together with Xero, WorkflowMax provides you powerful end to end business solution.

What can WorkflowMax do?

  • Track your time and costs from quotes through to invoices.
  • Push sales invoices into Xero with a single click.
  • Track leads, proposals and sales pipeline from one place.
  • See staff allocation and collaboration capability.
  • Seamless cost management. Entering your suppliers invoices into WorkflowMax will both correctly update your job profitability reporting, and create a bill payable in Xero.
  • Your job profitability reporting is always accurate in WorkflowMax and Xero. Achieve both, at all times with a single integrated process.

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