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Sell Side Preparation

Trade sale IPO processes need to be clearly understood, meticulously organized and expertly executed to extract maximum stakeholder value.

PKF Thailand can assist you by supporting the development of a comprehensive strategy, as well as documentation, support and advice in anticipation of trade sale or IPO.

Strategic recommendations include a choice of how to value the business. They also incorporate historical industry norms and analysis of comparable company IPOs or sales on the wider market, along with practical preparation advice to ensure maximum value is extracted.

Our experienced preparation professionals can offer support by advising on:

  • Trade sales versus IPO as an exit
  • Dual track IPO and trade sale processes
  • The strengthening of Internal systems, reporting and controls
  • Valuation methodologies
  • Financial management efficiency
  • Accounting and financial management standards
  • IPO and trade sale documentation preparation
  • IPO and trade sale processes and process management strategy
  • Regulatory standards and compliance requirements

For more information on our financial model validation services, please contact:

Peter Taylor
T: +66 2 108 1591-6