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Financial Model Validations

Transactions generally result in the development of detailed and often highly complicated financial models prepared by sell side parties seeking funds or by buy side parties lending or investing.

As transactions processes evolve and models increase in complexity, inaccuracies, errors in employing assumptions, or mistakes in calculating formulae can occur which could potentially lead to inaccurate financial projections.  Unrealistic, unexpected or inaccurate results can jeopardize a potential transaction often to the detriment of all parties.

At PKF Thailand, we offer support with model validation services that seek to provide assurance to modelers, investors and other interested parties of model accuracy, logical integrity and internal consistency.

PKF Thailand’s modeling professionals have extensive experience in preparing complex and detailed financial models and are well placed to interrogate, stress test and pass comment on a model’s accuracy and integrity.

Our experienced modeling professionals are ready to support you by validating:

  • Valuation models
  • Projections and forecast models
  • Key assumptions and referencing
  • Valuation methodologies
  • Comparatives
  • Logic application
  • Appropriateness of conclusions

For more information on our financial model validation services, please contact:

Craig Taylor
T: +66 2 108 1591-6